We know liquid filtration

With our years of experience we can design & manufacture custom strainers or filters perfectly matched to your particular application requirements.

Types Of Filtration

Flow Clear Filtration designs and manufactures liquid filtration equipment for commercial and industrial applications.

Bag Filtration

Economic large surface area filtration with a wide variety of micron ratings and flow rates.
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Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge filtration allows for fine filtration over a wide variety of applications.
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Pipeline Strainers

Inline filtration for protection of equipment downstream.
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Self-Cleaning Strainers

Inline hassle free filtration for processing water and protection of valuable equipment downstream.
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Suction Strainers

Protects pumps from debris on the feed line.
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Centrifugal Separators

Separates heavier particles from liquid, no moving parts or filter media is required.
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About Us

We produce a range of filters and strainers as well as custom built to client specifications. We fabricate in carbon steel, standard and specialized stainless steel and other commercially available materials on request.

With many years’ experience in the filter and strainer market and have supplied solutions to a wide variety of sectors, including Petro-Chemical, Paper and Pulp, Food, Waste Water, Desalination Plants, Recycling Plants and many more.

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