The Applications and Benefits of Using a Basket Strainer

People do not often realise how crucial the use of strainers and filters is for businesses. From swimming pool pumps to advanced production and industrial applications, the use of effective straining and filtering solutions is applied in all different kinds of environments. The basket strainer is one that is very familiar to those who own swimming pools. It provides the ability to keep the swimming pool clear of insects, leaves, and other debris that may accumulate on the surface or the bottom of the pool, and helps to keep the pool fit for swimming all year round.

When it comes to industrial applications, however, the use of a basket strainer gets a little bit more complicated. Generally, strainers are used to remove larger particles, such as sand, rocks, organic matter, and chemical clots from a pipeline or flow of industrial components, while filters are required to remove smaller solids or even chemical components that are invisible to the eye. Basket strainers are especially useful in petrochemical operations because they are able to strain undesired solid particles from fuel lines and transport pipelines, and usually, further along the feedline, certain filters are applied to purify the substance even more.

Another industry that is heavily dependent on the basket strainer includes paint manufacturing. It is crucial that the end product is free of any undesirable solids, and that the paint is smooth and easy to apply. In some cases, filtration solutions are also applied in order to ensure that the end product is perfect and without any lumps or solids that may affect the application and look of the paint after it has been applied.

A basket strainer can be defined as a vessel that is closed and contains a screen element that can retain or remove larger particles from a flow or stream. They are not only employed to remove dirt, but they can also be tailored to remove and retain a wide variety of solids that may damage components further down the stream, or solids that may pollute valuable end products. They are generally installed horizontally, such as in pipelines, pools, and other similar operations.

The basket strainer is great in situations where high flow and high pressure are crucial. They are easy to change or clean – the cover is removed and this provides easy access to the strainer. This enables them to be replaced, cleaned, or repaired quickly. Often, two layers of basket strainers are used, and these are called duplex strainers. These are highly practical because they allow for the process to continue, while the strainer is cleaned or serviced, so there is no need to stop production to service the strainers. This makes them very practical and easy to work with.

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