The Applications, Purpose, and Benefits of Using a Y-Strainer

Strainers are typically used in a variety of operations to trap solid particles in a flow of liquid, and strainers are available in different forms that are designed to work in specific environments and applications. The most popular strainers are Y-strainers and basket strainers (also known as bucket strainers). The nature of the solids to be filtered out and the liquid from which the solids must be strained out will usually determine whether a Y-strainer or a bucket strainer should be used. The flow rate will also determine the type of strainer you choose for your operation.

A Y-strainer is typically used to remove particles and solids from liquid, steam, or gas, as these solids tend to cause damage to equipment, filters, valves, and meters further along the pipeline. The strainer is made of wire mesh or another type of material that allows the liquid to flow through, but traps the undesirable solids and removes them from the stream. They are designed for use in operations where the amount of solids is not very much, where cleaning the strainer will not be a regular requirement, and where the trapped solids can easily be flushed from the strainer.

One of the biggest benefits of a Y-strainer is that operations do not need to be shut down while the strainer is cleaned, so it does not interrupt the flow or production. The housing or cast in which the Y-strainer is set is designed to be particularly robust and easy to install. The Y-strainer is also very flexible and can be used effectively in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on the particular production needs. They are also very cost effective, and the size of a Y-strainer can be reduced in order to decrease the cost. A Y-strainer can be customised for specific operations, and the way in which this customisation takes place depends on the type of operation, the type of solids, and the medium from which the solids must be removed. It is essential that the type of strainer used is suited to its application. It is therefore vital to speak to a professional before a decision is made about which type of strainer would be most appropriate for the operation.

If you would like to find out whether you should use a Y-strainer or a basket strainer in your operation, consult our expert team at Flow Clear Filtration. Our engineers have spent years designing filtration solutions and strainers, so we have all the industry knowledge you need to make a well-informed decision about the type of strainer that will benefit your operation the most.

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