Flow Clear Filtration designs and manufactures liquid filtration equipment for commercial and industrial applications.

The Y Strainer Explained

What Is a Y Strainer and Why Should You Use One? There are some very functional and impressive strainers on the market today that can provide a very valuable service to just about any industry. Over time, the use and functionality of these products have grown...

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Basket Strainers & their Benefits

The Applications and Benefits of Using a Basket Strainer People do not often realise how crucial the use of strainers and filters is for businesses. From swimming pool pumps to advanced production and industrial applications, the use of effective straining and...

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The best out of your Filter Bags

How to Get the Best from Your Filter Bags to Benefit Your Operation Your operation or business is a serious investment of your time and money. Therefore, you need to obtain and use the best filtration systems necessary to optimise your performance and productivity. If...

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The Right Cartridge Filter for your Operation

Cartridge Filter or Bag Filter? Which One Applies Best to Your Operation? Most industrial processes have to take advantage of the benefits that great filtration solutions provide. Depending on the type of materials, solids, and liquids that need to be filtered, there...

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Benefits Of A Y-Strainer

The Applications, Purpose, and Benefits of Using a Y-Strainer Strainers are typically used in a variety of operations to trap solid particles in a flow of liquid, and strainers are available in different forms that are designed to work in specific environments and...

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