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Multi-Bag Filter – Which Is Best?

A Single-Bag Filter or Multi-Bag Filter? Which One Will Work Best For Your Operation? Because there are so many different production processes that use filtration systems and strainers, there are many different types of strainers and filters on the market. Often,...

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Bucket Strainers Explained

What Is a Bucket Strainer and Where Can It Be Used? Most industrial processes or production plants will usually need some form of filtration or straining. The difference between a strainer and a filter is that the filter can trap solid particles that are very small...

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Industrial Cartridge Filter Benefits

The Applications and Benefits of an Industrial Cartridge Filter When looking for the perfect disposable industrial filter for your operation, there are a few different types of filters that can be applied across a range of operations. These include cartridge filters...

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Pipeline Strainers

Different Types of Pipeline Strainers and Their Applications Pipeline strainers are typically enclosed filtration systems that collect and remove unwanted solids from a liquid passing through a pipe. Strainers are, in short, filters, but they are designed to work with...

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Suction Strainers

What Are Suction Strainers and How Are They Used? Suction strainers are usually used in pumps of some sort, and they provide a filtering or strainer device that helps to filter out solids that may damage the internal components of a pump. Suction strainers will...

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