What Is a Cartridge Filter and What Is It Used for?

Most industrial processes include some type of filtration solution. Filters are even used in domestic situations, such as water filters and pool filtration systems.

Of course, different filters are applicable in different situations, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In some cases, a cartridge filter is what you need to make your operations efficient and to remove all the solid particles from air, gas, or liquid, and other times, a bag filter or strainer will do just fine. It is up to the type of operation and the demands of the filtration to dictate which type of filtration solution will be the most suited to that specific operation.

Different filters all have their own advantages and disadvantages. When a new filtration solution is required for an operation, there is often a choice to be made between different types of filters. This is where the experts need to step in to advise on whether a bag filter or a cartridge filter is needed. It is very important that only the most suitable filtration technology is installed, in order to meet the production requirements of the operation. A filtration expert will be able to determine which type and size of filter will bring about the best results.

Even though a cartridge filter is very practical and can be used in a wide variety of environments and industries, it will have to be adapted to the specific needs of the operation. The size and type of cartridge filter will usually be dictated by the type of materials being filtered, how much pressure there is in the flow, and the solid particles that have to be trapped or filtered out. A cartridge filter is more likely to be used in a situation where the solid particles are very small, which is why they are typically used in chemical processes where chemical particles that are invisible to the eye must be removed from the stream. They are also used in food production, paint manufacturing, and other environments where a lot of liquid has to be filtered at high pressure.

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