Choose Flow Clear Filtration for High-Quality Filter Bags

If you have a manufacturing process that needs a filtration system, Flow Clear Filtration’s experts have all the advice and products you need. We have been in the filtration industry for decades and we are highly effective and creative when it comes to finding the best filtration solutions for any type of business. Our engineers are highly experienced, which allows us to bring a whole range of answers and solutions to any business or manufacturing process that is in need of a cost-effective and highly efficient filtration system.

Because we only work with high-quality products, our outstanding workmanship and first-class engineering skills enable us to create the ultimate filtration and filter bags for your specific operation. While we do have many standard bag filters, filter bags, cartridge filters, and strainers in stock, we can also create custom solutions for specific operations. Our aim is always to improve your operation and to add value at cost-effective prices. We deal with a wide variety of operations and industrial needs, which is why we are able to provide great solutions when you need filter bags, strainers, and other filtration products.

Applications of Filter Bags

The purpose of any filtration process is to separate solid particles from air, gas, or liquid – usually within a flow under pressure. Filter bags are typically used in many different situations. Most of us know filter bags from our swimming pool filters that are used to strain out the leaves from the water before it goes through the pump. Most industrial processes function in the same manner. Filter bags are used at the end of a flow line to produce a clean and clear end product. The primary purpose is to trap impurities that flow through the lines. Sometimes, these particles can damage sensitive components further along the flow line.

There are several filtration solutions that work in specific situations. In many cases, filter bags will work well, whereas in others, bag filters will work better. As long as they trap the unwanted solids, they are fulfilling their functions. Of course, maintenance is needed, and it can be problematic when the entire production process has to be halted because a new filter has to be inserted or an existing one has to be cleaned. Filter bags are easy to replace within a few minutes, which increases their popularity in high-performance environments.

At Flow Clear Filtration, we have experience in the world of filtration solutions. We will be able to find just the right solution for you. We custom design filtration systems and filter bags for specific environments, and we take pride in our ability to meet the needs of our customers. Give us a call today to find out more.

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