The ability to filter fluids – whether it be in piping systems, during manufacturing, or in processes related to mining and other industries – is essential for more products and processes than many of us might realise. Liquid filtration systems allow us to extract important particles out of fluids, protect machinery and other equipment against damages, and to purify certain liquids as necessary.

As one can imagine, different applications will require vastly different liquid filtration equipment depending on the function it is intended for. This, of course, also applies to the type of fluid being filtered, the particles one wants removed from the fluid, as well as the rate of flow that the filter is exposed to.

Flow Clear is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality industrial liquid filtration equipment for both the South African and international market. We produce a range of standardised filters and strainers, as well as specific systems that are custom built to client specifications.

It’s important to note that filters and strainers have similar functions. The difference between the two is usually determined by the size of the particulates they are intended to remove from the fluid. Generally speaking, strainers are used for larger particles – usually visible to the naked eye – while filters are used for finer particulates.

Commercial and industrial liquid filtration equipment designed, manufactured, and supplied by Flow Clear includes:

  • Bag Filters: Offers economical, large surface area filtration solutions with a wide variety of micron ratings and for various flow rates.
  • Cartridge Filters: Allows for fine filtration over a wide variety of applications.
  • Basket Strainers: Suitable for inline application to protect equipment downstream.
  • Self-Cleaning Strainers: In-line, hassle-free application for processing water and protection of valuable equipment downstream.
  • Large Bore Y-Strainers: Provides an economical filter solution on large-bore piping.
  • Centrifugal Separators: Separates heavier particles from liquid, without requiring removable parts or filter media.

With many years of experience in the filter and strainer market, Flow Clear has supplied solutions to a wide variety of sectors, including Petro-Chemical, Paper and Pulp, Food, Waste Water, Desalination Plants, Recycling Plants, and numerous other industries. While we typically manufacture our liquid filtration equipment using industry-standard carbon steel, and standard and specialised stainless steel, we also have the capability to manufacture products using other commercially available materials on request. For more information on our range of quality products, and to request a quote, get in touch with the team at Flow Clear.

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