The Fluid Controls Institute officially defines a basket strainer as “a closed vessel with cleanable screen element, designed to remove and retain foreign particles down to 0.001-inch diameter from various flowing fluids.”

In this definition, it’s important to note that they refer to “foreign particles” and not “dirt”. The function of these strainers is to remove particles that one doesn’t want present in the fluid, but this does not mean that the substance filtered out is automatically considered a waste product. It could also be a valuable product that is separated and kept for other purposes.

These devices are typically an essential component of most types of piping systems. One of the main functions of them is to protect equipment – and specifically mechanical components downstream from where the filtering is happening – from potential damage that can be caused by dirt or other foreign particles present in the fluid passing through. These components can include control valves and traps.

While there are a number of different models available that are suited for a variety of systems and fluids, a basket strainer is usually preferred for systems with a high flow capacity. Access to these baskets is obtained by simply removing the cover, which allows for service (which can include cleaning, removal of strained particles, as well as repairs).

The specific application of a basket strainer is dependent on the mesh size. This is also what distinguishes strainers from filters – typically filters are used for finer filtration than strainers. The specific mesh size is chosen based on the particles that you want to be filtered out of the fluid. The mesh size, or openings, should be smaller than the particle size in order to successfully remove it from the liquid.

Why Choose Us?

Flow Clear Filtration supplies a range of basket strainer types to companies in Southern Africa, with a variety of micron ratings available. Micron ratings refer to the mesh size, and thus the filtration function of the devices. All our products can be modified to specific requirements. We manufacture them using carbon steel, standard and specialised stainless steel, as well as other commercially available materials on request.

We take quality very seriously – as one should when dealing with effective filtration systems –and make sure we adhere to the most stringent manufacturing and industry standards. For more information on our range of products, including the popular basket model, get in touch with our team. We’re ready to assist you with advice and provide quotes for the components you need.

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