Cartridge Filter or Bag Filter? Which One Applies Best to Your Operation?

Most industrial processes have to take advantage of the benefits that great filtration solutions provide. Depending on the type of materials, solids, and liquids that need to be filtered, there are different systems most suited to the job. Two of the most effective and commonly used filtration systems involve the bag filter and the cartridge filter. They are both very efficient, but they should be specially adapted and suited to the particular function that they have to fulfil.

Applications of a Bag Filter

Bag filters are most commonly used to extract or trap solids from flowing water in a pipeline or through a pump. While this is the most common use for bag filters, they also have a lot of other applications, such as filtering paint, diesel, oil, and a wide variety of industrial liquids. They tend to be easy to install and maintain, and are relatively cost efficient compared to other types of filtration solutions. They are usually constructed by using a variety of materials forming layers that are capable of filtering out a range of different types of solids. They can also be used in combination with other filtration solutions to provide an even more effective service and to ensure that all relevant solids are removed from the flowing stream.

Applications of a Cartridge Filter

Because cartridge filters are fitted into a housing that enables them to function optimally, they can vary in density and depth. They tend to be a very efficient choice and they last longer than most other types of filtration systems. They are also easy to clean, replace, or remove, and can be easily disposed of – even during the operational cycle of an industrial process. They are also capable of trapping and removing very tiny solid particles that are not visible to the naked eye.

How Flow Clear Filtration Can Help You to Find Your Ideal Filtration Solution

Because we have been in the business of providing the most effective filtration systems and solutions in South Africa for years, we have all the experience and technology to be able to find the perfect filtration solution for you. When it comes to a bag filter or cartridge filter, we have a lot of standard solutions available, but if you need a specifically designed cartridge filter for your operation, we can help! Our engineers are highly experienced and creative when it comes to filtration, so we can create or custom make the solution that best suits your needs. So, whether you need a bag filter or a cartridge filter, we are the people to call.

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