Water is an essential element in many manufacturing and industrial applications. The reasons for this are multiple – it is used as an ingredient, as a transporter, a solution, and a cleaning agent to name but a few of its uses. However, this often also requires the filtering or purification of water to separate it from the other elements it comes into contact with or to apply proper waste management principles. For this, centrifugal separators are one of the most popular solutions.

These devices separate particles by making use of centrifugal force. The spinning action of the liquid forces the heavier particles outwards towards the wall of the vessel and down into the collection chamber. The unit can also be fitted with an auto-purge system to purge the particles to waste.

Industries and processes that commonly use centrifugal separators as part of their everyday operations include:

  • Steel & metal manufacturing
  • Milling & machining
  • Food processing
  • Pulp & paper
  • Plastic
  • Power generation
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • HVAC
  • Water treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Recycling

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to these systems. This includes:

  1. It Requires Very Little Maintenance
    The absence of moving parts minimises the risk of damage or other complications, which also means that there is a decreased need for maintenance and repairs compared to other filtration solutions.
  2. Less Downtime
    Instead of repeatedly needing to clean or replace a filter, a spinning vortex is responsible for the separation of substances, and the purge valve is designed to automatically get rid of waste. This leads to less downtime, which is a huge benefit for any industry.
  3. Liquid Loss Is Minimised
    When compared to other filtration solutions, centrifugal separators result in significantly less liquid loss.
  4. It’s Very Efficient
    The process of centrifugation is a very effective way of separating liquids, such as water and oils, liquids and solids, such as water and sand, as well as liquids and gas.

The Dirt Gobbla Centrifugal Separators, available through Flow Clear Filtration, offers an effective, low-cost solution for removing particles from most liquids, suitable for filtration applications as nozzle protection, pre-filtration, heat exchanger protection, cooling tower basin cleaning, and sump and tank cleaning. These centrifugal separators can be supplied as standalone units or with pumps sets and auto-purge valves and controllers.

Flow Clear Filtration is a leading supplier of filtration equipment to a variety of sectors in South Africa as well as internationally. To find out more about our filter and strainer solutions – including our high-quality centrifugal separators – get in touch with us.

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