What Is a Y Strainer and Why Should You Use One?

There are some very functional and impressive strainers on the market today that can provide a very valuable service to just about any industry. Over time, the use and functionality of these products have grown immensely as new technology has promoted modern industries and new technology. The fact is that even with new technology, you sometimes still need old-fashioned methods to achieve the objectives of new products, and strainers and filtration systems are age-old methods used to purify and clarify a wide variety of industrial products.

Of course, the capabilities of these particular strainers have to keep up with technology and operational needs, and as a result, the consistency, materials, and construction have been developed to adapt to apply to a wide variety of functions. The demands of customers often mean that the Y strainer has to be tailored to particular needs, thus leading to a whole new generation of strainers being developed.

The Y strainer is named after the shape it has. It is configured in a Y-shape that is fixed or fitted into a horizontal pipeline or flowing mechanism. Y strainers are often used in vacuums and even suction pipes because they are resilient to high pressure, yet they are highly adaptable to a variety of applications. A Y strainer is particularly useful in conditions where infrequent cleaning is applicable. They are also very easy to clean and merely need a flush out of all the solids before they can be replaced.

Sometimes, blow-off valves are used to reverse the stream and literally reverse the stream to blow out all the debris contained within the Y strainer. One huge benefit is that this can be carried out mid-stream, which means that the Y strainer can be cleaned and flushed out without having to halt or slow down operations. With other filtration solutions, it is often necessary to stop production and flow completely in order to remove the filter and replace or clean it, which means loss of production, especially in an operation or manufacturing process that is dependent on the flow of the liquid or gas.

A Y strainer is typically seen as a good investment because of the ease of use, resilience, low maintenance, and easy cleaning. Even though the typical Y strainer may cost a bit more to install, it is a serious investment that will protect components, such as pumps, condensers, and steam traps, further downstream, and this can help to avoid serious complications in the workflow and repairs at a later stage that would bring production to a complete halt.

If you are looking for a Y strainer for your business, give our team at Flow Clear Filtration a call. We can provide you with great advice and tailor-made strainers and filtration solutions which will benefit your production rates.

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