The most common application of strainers is for the purpose of removing unwanted solids from either liquid, steam, or gas lines in order to protect equipment and parts that are located downstream from incurring damage from these rogue pieces of matter. This differs from a filter based on the size of the parts that are filtered –strainers usually refer to applications that remove larger elements, while filters remove smaller particles. A Y strainer is one of the popular types used by a number of industries.

What Is It?

These devices have earned their name directly because of the way they are shaped. They make use of a perforated or wire mesh element to perform the straining function. This mesh captures the elements that are required to be removed from the gas or liquid passing through the line to protect process equipment such as pumps, control valves, regulators, meters, or steam traps found downstream.

The Advantages of These Devices

This straining solution is generally very cost-effective. They tend to be better priced than basket models, and unlike them, they can be used in both a vertical and horizontal position.

Where to Find a Quality Y Strainer

Typically speaking, imported cast and forged small-bore Y strainers are freely available in the South African market. It is generally more difficult to find an affordable, quality large-bore Y strainer, as these are most often imported, resulting in longer lead time and expensive pricing. Flow Clear Filtration has the capability to design and fabricate these models with a nominal diameter of 100 mm and more and does so locally. This ensures a quick lead time and competitive pricing. What’s more, these products can be manufactured to meet the unique demands of your operation.

Our standard units are rated for maximum 1000-kPa operating pressure and are tested to 1200 kPa. However, we are also able to design and manufacture both higher and lower pressure versions to meet almost any pipeline requirement. These fabricated devices are made using carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel. The carbon-steel units are typically untreated internally, and with primed with two coats of enamel paint externally, while the stainless-steel units are supplied in bead-blast, matt industrial finish.

To find out more about our Y strainer products, including pricing and ordering information, contact Flow Clear Filtration or download the brochure.

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