What Is a Y Strainer and How Is It Applied in Industry?

There are many filtration solutions and strainers on the market today, and these are all used for different applications. The two types of strainers that are most often used in industry are the Y strainer and the basket strainer. They are used in a wide range of industries, which includes paint manufacturing (to produce a smooth end product for best results), the food industry (for instance to strain the pulp from fruit and vegetable juice or other particles from milk), and fuel based machinery and pipelines.

As the name indicates, a Y strainer is built in the shape of a Y. The main objective of the Y strainer is to strain out solid particles from a stream of liquid. Often, it is just the beginning of a long filtration process that starts out with strainers trapping larger particles, and then ends up with super-fine filtration solutions that can filter our even microscopic chemical solids. Y strainers are typically used in fuel lines to filter out dust particles, corrosion, or debris that could damage other components further along the pipeline, such as pumps, temperature gauges, or valves.

In the arm of the strainer that is inserted into the pipeline is a filter cylinder that can be made up of a variety of materials. The material used in this cylinder will depend on the type and size of the solids that need to be filtered out of the stream. The particles are trapped in the filter and then sink down into the bottom arm of the Y strainer. This allows for easy access for cleaning – the cap of the filter can easily be removed and the solids can be washed out of the strainer. In some cases, these strainers work best with a pump that will flush out the particles and keep it clean on a periodic basis. A Y strainer is, however, not very effective to strain or filter very tiny particles – for this, a good filtration solution is needed.

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